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History of Langdon Waterworks

Langdon Waterworks was incorporated in 1995 as a private corporation in response to the need of Rockyview County to supply potable water to the Hamlet of Langdon and the surrounding area.

Since we first brought water to the Hamlet of Langdon, we've undergone some expansion and development to be better equipped to meet the water supply demands of the Langdon area.

In 2002 Langdon Waterworks entered into an agreement with the Rockyview County to supply clean, safe, potable water to a larger service area. The new service are encompasses nine square miles over Langdon and surrounding lands. The initial expansion helped us meet the needs as they were, but also to be prepared for the growth of the community and population.

In 2004 Langdon Waterworks purchased new ten acre site in Langdon and expanded the water treatment facility onto that land. Since that time many millions of dollars have been invested to develop and refine water treatment and the distribution infrastructure. Our facilities are on par with those of any city or community in the world and we are proud to say that we are able to provide safe and pure drinking water to over one thousand homes.

Langdon Waterworks is currently engaged in planning and design for the next phase of development which would incorporate water treatment plant expansion, expanded reservoir capacity and distribution infrastructure. Our desire is to help develop and grow our community both safely and wisely.