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Langdon Waterworks Ltd. works cooperatively with Rockyview County and Developers in the Franchise Area to provide potable water to businesses and residential developments. There are certain guidelines and regulations that potential new builders and developers need to be aware of and follow.

Land Use Planning:

Langdon Waterworks Ltd. requires an introduction from Rockyview County prior to meeting with Developers. Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will only provide water to Developers who have the County's consent in providing potable water to developments within the Franchise Area.

Developers must provide Langdon Waterworks Ltd. with sufficient information so that Langdon Waterworks Ltd. can provide a reasonable estimate of water usage for that particular development.

Sufficient information includes:

  1. Expected land use
  2. Number of units
  3. Average consumption per unit
  4. Phasing plan which will include items 1 to 3 inclusive
  5. Reasonable estimate of timelines

This information must be updated as necessary to Langdon Waterworks Ltd.. Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will use this information for internal use such as capital improvements planning and will keep this information confidential.

Subdivision and Construction:

Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will require that each Developer going for subdivision approval, phase by phase; have an up-to-date letter from the Municipal District of Rocky View indicating the submitted phase development, number of units, and the timeline for the subdivision approval. Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will require that upon subdivision approval that they be informed of the approval, of any appeals and the results of any appeals in order to address these issues from the potable water perspective.

Prior to construction, regardless of other processes or approvals, the Developer must enter into a Water Infrastructure Fee Agreement. The Water Infrastructure Fee Agreement will provide access to the potable water for that development phase only. No connection to the existing potable water lines can be made prior to signing and paying the required Water Infrastructure Fee.

Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will require that any contractors working on any portion of the water distribution system be the pre-approved by Langdon Waterworks Ltd. contractors list. Please see "Pre-Approved Contractors List". Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will also require that all design and construction follow the "Water Line Design and Construction Standards Section". Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will require a $1000 review of drawings fee. This review does not remove the responsibility of the design or construction from the Developer or the Developer's Engineer. Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will require that the Developer provide an auto renewal letter of credit for 100% of the cost to install the water distribution system. This can be reduced after the Construction Completion Certificate is accepted. (Please see below.)

At the end of construction, an application for a Construction Completion Certificate is required. For details please see the "Construction Completion Certificate Requirements Section". A minimum of two years must past before a Final Acceptance Certificate can be issued. For details please see the "Final Acceptance Certificate".

The Developer must be aware that the street lighting costs are his responsibility until the development phase is fully occupied.

Contact information is:

Langdon Waterworks Ltd
220 - 355 Centre Street N.W.
Langdon, AB T0J 1X2

Phone: 403-936-5161
Michael Schaalje - M.Eng, P.Eng