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Community Involvement

Langdon Waterworks works to bring safe and clean water, filtered and purified on par with any system in the world, to the people of our community. But Langdon Waterworks is not only involved in the potable water services. We consider ourselves as an integral part of Langdon. We live and work in the community and participate in its wellbeing and development where we can.

We take pride in our involvement during Langdon Days, where we celebrate the history and heritage of our community, and we're happy to supply the ice for our outdoor rink, and the water for the volunteer fire department. We also support other business opportunities within the community.

During Langdon Days, Langdon Waterworks donates personnel time, equipment and, along with the Rocky View Utility Corp, contributes to the Langdon Community Association. Langdon Waterworks salutes the community involvement and the unpaid volunteers for participation in this annual event.

In the winter we supply water to the community rink as Langdon volunteers carefully "caretake" the ice during the skating and hockey season.

The volunteer fire department has access to unmetered water for training and emergency purposes. The volunteer fire department is a strong symbol and component of the community as well as the continued growth of the Hamlet. By agreement with Rockview County the supply of water for emergency and training purposes is freely given to the fire department.

Business opportunities for the Hamlet are keys to increasing the economic life and vitality of our home. In general, Langdon Waterworks supports any new business opportunity that provides value to the Hamlet. We promotes responsible water use and encourage local staffing and jobs for any new Langdon-based venture.