Water faucets and drains

Builders & Developers

Guidelines and helpful information for new development projects in the Hamlet of Langdon.

Langdon Waterworks Ltd. provides potable water to businesses and residential developments. There are certain guidelines and regulations that potential new builders and developers need to be aware of and follow.


Land Use Planning:

Developers must provide Langdon Waterworks Ltd. with sufficient information so that Langdon Waterworks Ltd. can provide a reasonable estimate of water usage for that particular development.


Water Service Connection Policies:

This document details the necessary regulations a contractor or developer must meet when connecting a new structure into the water service system, including sanitary connection, water meter location, remote readout accessibility regulations and other policies.

Download the residential water service connection policies

Download the non-residential water service connection policies


Who to contact in a water emergency.

Pre-Approved Contractors

Become a Langdon Waterworks pre-approved contractor or find one that we work with.