Water faucets and drains

Pre-Approved Contractors


Langdon Waterworks Ltd. and the customer base are responsible for the long term operations, repairs and capital replacement of the water lines that we service.

Operations and repairs are typically expensive and are an ongoing responsibility, while initial capital construction is a single-time cost, and over the life span of the infrastructure, relatively inexpensive in comparison.

These factors contribute to an increase in operational costs, so keeping them to a minimum is in the best interest of Langdon Waterworks Ltd. and our customers.

In order to ensure that repair and maintenance costs are kept down, we require contractors and developers to meet our approval process and have also prepared a Pre-Approved Contractors List in order to mitigate some of these issues.

Pre-approved Contractors may be required to submit updated information on a regular basis in order to maintain their standing on this list.



Langdon Waterworks Ltd. at its discretion may or may not accept any contractor’s submission.

Developers should provide this information early in the process, prior to work beginning.

Langdon Waterworks Ltd. will not accept any work that is considered poorly done and not within industry norms for potable water line installation and meet the standards as noted by Langdon Waterworks Ltd.

Pre-approved contractors will follow Langdon Waterworks Standards and Specifications.


Who to contact in a water emergency.

Builders & Developers

Water use guidelines and overview for new construction.